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A book about Cats Paw...That's Me.
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The Agent's Peril
Sunday, July 31, 2005

Chapter 5: (Part 1)

"What do we do now?" Tom hissed. "Just sit here?"

Cats Paw put a hand on his shoulder.

"Not a sound...just follow."

There was more noise outside. Muffled voices echoed through the bathroom as their pursuers searched for them.

Cats Paw reached into his pocket, and pulled something out. Tom could hardly see anything as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Suddenly, Cats Paw lit a match. You could see his face, grim, yet calm. The small light flickered. Cats Paw blew it out.

Tom heard a smack.

Cats Paw mumbled to himself, "You ninkompoop...forgot about the light."

A light switched on.

Tom saw a string attached to the roof, which was made of boards and concreted. The walls were plaster, except for one, made of rock.

"Hey boss," a voice came from outside. "Someone's been in this stall recently!"

"Hurry!" Cats Paw reached for the floor, and picked up a small plastic ring off the floor.

Tom gasped.

"Wow...a secret door..."

The two agents hopped into the hole, closed the door behind them, and then began walking down a black hallway, with pipes all along the wall.

They were sure they heard the secret wall move and open. But they weren't certain.

The walk took about 30 minutes.

"Here we are," Cats Paw said as they reached a metal door. "Behind this door is my second office. But we're not staying there for long. We're just a few blocks from the White House, but it's going to be the hardest day of your life if we're going to get there alive."

"So what's the plan?"

"Well, I've got the key to a second car in my desk. You'll use that to drive to the Spy Musuem down the road."

"The Spy--?"

Cats Paw cut in, "You need to deliver an envelope at the cafe. It holds our lifeline."

"What about you?"

"I'll be heading down another chamber to a central location under the White House. They'll never suspect you."

"So you get off easy?" Tom glared at Cats Paw.

Cats Paw's face showed no feeling.

"Kid, I'll be in more danger than you'll ever know. Now let's get going!"
Saturday, April 16, 2005

Chapter 4

2 Hours Later: Ronald Reagan International Airport

"Not a bad flight," Tom commented as he and Cats Paw walked out of the airport to call a cab.

Cats Paw just kept walking forward, his face seemingly set in stone. A plane roared overhead.

"What's your problem?" Tom looked at Cats Paw.

"I'll tell you later."

The two agents hopped inot a cab, "6th and E street please," the cab sped off into the city of DC.

Cherry blossoms whizzed past, monuments loomed overhead, and then suddenly they passed the White House, catching just the slightest glimpse throught the trees. Tom sucked in his breath at the huge mansion, an icon of America. He'd be in there soon.

The cab stopped and dropped the agents off on the curb.

"We're two blocks from the White House," Cats Paw said, "But we're going the opposite direction."

Tom's face was a huge question mark.

"Starbucks or bust!" Cats grinned. "No kidding."

So off they walked, down the sidewalks, through the busy city, bustling with cars, pedestrians, and messengers whizzing pass on there bikes. And not to mention the homeless people Cats Paw kept nodding to.

1 block. 2 blocks. 3 blocks.

Ding! The smell of coffee filed the air.

"Here we are," Cats Paws eyes twinkled this time, "Follow me."

They walked inside, passed the counter, then went straight for the bathrooms.

"Gross!" Tom exclaimed as he looked at the grime on the floor and sniffed the air, "This place is nasty!"

Cats Paw ignored him and just kept walking to the far end of the line of stalls, opened the door, motioned for Tom to follow, then stepped in.

Tom timidly walked forward. What met his eyes will forever be imprinted in his mind. One of the walls had been a fake wall, moved out of the way to reveal a completely new room. The room was empty except for a broken door handle on the floor. That was it. Just another room with no windows and no doors.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened, and they heard a voice:

"They're in here!"

Cats Paw and Tom jumped into the room and slammed the fake wall shut.
Saturday, March 19, 2005

Chapter 3

The door swung open to reveal two men with black ski masks on their faces, also dressed in black, with a single belt holding one pistol. They stepped out of the way and let Cats Paw and Tom through. The room they entered was a library, somewhat like something you would read about in a Sherlock Holmes book...Walls covered in books, one or two paintings hanging on the wall, and one solitary desk, completely straight and neat, with a lamp resting on it. No one sat on the leather seat behind the huge desk that the two agents saw at the end of the large library.

"Welcome to my office," Cats Paw finally spoke, "A bit large, I must admit, but cozy enough."

"But I thought we had been kidnapped?" Tom's face showed his total confusion of the situation. "I don't get it."

Cats Paw looked grim, "Well, actually we have been kidnapped. We're in somewhat of a house arrest situation. Our evil enemy, Big Jim, has some devious scheme up his sleeve. Let me explain," Cats Paw walked up to the desk, went around the left side and sat down. "There's a chair in the corner, Mr. Jones."

Tom went and grabbed the chair, and pulled it up to the front of the desk.

"Go on," Tom said, "Explain."

Cats Paw leaned back on his chair, "Our original destination, as you well know, was D.C., but unfortunately, it seems that Big Jim had a bug implanted on your clothing, so he knew you had somehow escaped," Cats Paw grinned at the look on Tom's face, "Of course, I'm a double agent, truly working for the CIA, but also working for Big Jim and his top secret organization."

"What's it called?"

"Like I said, it just is a nobody organization, selling secrets and smuggling things to the Black Market. Nothing extremely weird. Just your basic evil underground ring of spies. Until now."

"Until now?"

"Big Jim has gotten a hold of some secrets of the United States and the United Kingdom. If these secrets are sold to enemy countries, the plight of the US and UK are...Should I say, death by attack. Nuclear attack."

"But who has the secret? How did he get it?"

"Double agents like me. Only they were really working for Big Jim and not the CIA. And now only a few can stop him. One of them is me. The other one it you."

"How can I help?"

Cats Paw stood, and put his fists on the table, then bowed his head.

"Are you willing to take a risk?" His head remained bowed.

Tom looked away. Then he stood, and walked to a corner of the room. He plucked a book from the shelf.

"Wait Tom, don't...--"

Suddenly the entire wall swung around. It stopped halfway, revealing a long dark hallway with a door at the end. Only one lightbulb hung from the ceiling.

"Oops. Sorry Cats Paw."

"Well, let's get going. Take your shoes off first, then we'll head for that door."

"My shoes?"

"Don't worry, I have an extra pair on the other side of that door. Don't want Big Jim to track us down with you all bugged."

"Oh yeah."


After a short walk to the end of the hallway, Tom was surprised to find that the other door was just another long hallway. And another. And another. Finally, they stopped at the fifth door, and Cats Paw spoke.

"We'll be entering a secret elevator. Be extremely quiet and don't talk. This elevator is bugged like crazy."

They stepped in and down they went. Tom wasn't sure how many floors down they went, because the elevator only had a keypad and enter button. But finally they slowed and the doors slid open.

"A warehouse! What in the world?" Tom exclaimed.

"My car is parked right over there." Cats Paw pointed to a car under a huge dirty sheet, identical to the hundreds of others covering hundreds of boxes around the warehouse. Cats Paw walked up to the car and slid the sheet off.


"Yeah, I guess these new sports cars make spying like the movies." Cats Paw flashed his famous grin.

The car was red, looking a lot like a Mustang, with all sorts of extras. The inside was all leather, and the dashboard held more buttons and gadgets than Tom had ever seen.

"The airport or bust!" Cats Paw revved up the engine, pressed a button on the dash, the door opened in the warehouse, and off they sped...
Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chapter 2 (Part 2)

They turned the corner and stopped dead in their tracks. Cats Paws arm reached across Tom's chest to stop him. Both of their faces showed no surprise at what they saw. They showed no fear. Yet what they saw should have made them want to run for their lives. Three men on their knees were pointing machine guns at their bodies. 50 ft behind them, three more machine guns were aimed at them. At the end of the hallway, about a football field away, two snipers stood ready to shoot. The hallway was glass on one side, office doors on the others, just like all the other hallways wrapping around the top floor.
Cats Paw smiled at the soldiers in black, "Hello fellows, thanks for the protection." He walked to the first door on his right and knocked twice.

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